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Mar 26, 2012 | Our Life | Comments

The road to Hana is the popular road trip on Maui... the lesser traveled Kahekili Hwy is spectacular!  We traveled this stretch of highway on a cloudy day.  This day was the only time that we had rain.  This was a funny experience... We pull over the jeep at the blowhole.  After reading "Maui Revealed" I learned that this was a real gem.  The view at the top of the hill at this stop was amazing!  The dark clouds were rolling in.  We attempted our first hike down to the blowhole over steep red rocks.  We almost reach the blowhole... I see it spray!  Then the clouds burst with heavy rain!  Beau was busy ahead of me and the kids taking pictures, so I have both kids in my arms as I turn around to climb back up the cliff.  Beau runs up to me and grabs Bode and we are all soaked instantly!  Slipping up the rocks, hoping we can make it up without dropping a kid or the camera!  The kids are crying, Beau is silently angry and I am laughing.  So much for hiking on this trip... and again, this was the only rain we had all the two weeks we were in Maui.  The rain only lasted a few more minutes and left the dramatic skies as a backdrop to some jaw dropping views.  We arrived to the one lane cliff side section of the hwy... and we made it down to the village where we bought Julia's Banana Bread.  I agree, this was the best Banana Bread on the Planet!  Overlooking the village was a wonderful art gallery.  We enjoyed spending time here and we met the owner and artist Karen Lei Noland.  I loved her colorful paintings so we purchased one for our home gallery collection.  She grew up in this village and her homestead was established by her grandparents.  After leaving the art gallery we approached a landscape that reminds me of Ireland.  Even though Bijou calls this the "dangerous road" the drive was so breathtaking and very relaxing.  ~Bethany


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