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Jul 19, 2011 | Wedding | Comments

Steve did a fabulous job planning his own wedding from under the ocean on a submarine... while his lieutenant fiance was at sea on an aircraft carrier.  It was Saturday on the 4th of July weekend, and the venue was the Minnesota Arboretum.  The Rose Garden was a beautiful setting for this summer day wedding. The details at the luncheon reception were sentimental and everything looked perfect... from the cake figures to the pair of goldfish swimming in the centerpieces and the Saratoga bottled water.  The bride, Arianna was an impressively splendid muse for the day.  She even dropped to do push-ups before slipping into her dress. We loved the little shoot at the end of the day where she used Steve's hat and saber as props. The ceremony was wonderful, they wrote their own meaningful vows to each other.  The quartette played for the first dance in the middle of the guests as they dined... very sweet. We absolutely loved this wedding, early in the day.  Steve and Arianna loved being together with all their loved ones whom they haven't seen for a very long time while serving at sea.  After the wedding celebration the newlyweds and their closest friends drove off in a trolly to spend the evening in the city. What an amazing day for a delightful couple with a fantastic love story!


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