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Apr 30, 2012 | Our Life | Comments

Our daughter Bijou is a total princess! She is 100% girly-girl! We had a Princess Party for her on Sunday. She had 13 princesses pals over for an afternoon of pure craziness! It is awesome that Bijou has met so many wonderful girls and she will have fond memories as she grows up with all these great friends. Of course there are many more gal-pals that were not at the party and we hope to have them over soon!!! It was a exhausting for us as parents, but totally fun! We had games like pin the crown on Rapunzel, princess races, hop scotch and princess scavenger hunt. The girls were so excited when they won a prize! Bijou wanted chocolate princess cupcakes for her friends. We decorated crowns together. I had to make a ton of crowns out of construction paper, it took forever! Bijou and I had a fun time planning and decorating for the party. Bijou had a blast but she was very overwhelmed by the end of the party. She says, "Mom, can we just have a party for our own family next time?" ...I am cool with that. It is a lot of work to do this but the memories will last forever. ~Bethany