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Mar 03, 2012 | Our Life | Comments

Have you ever had those moments where you turn around and see something cool and wish you had your camera in your hand?  Personally I have had many moments like that, sometimes just driving down a country road I see something beautiful that I just capture with my eyes and soon forget. This moment that you see below was just that, and I was super happy that I did have my camera in hand. The scene was at Gum Wall this last Sunday in Seattle Washington, and as I was photographing Bethany next to the gum wall and noticed this image out of the corner of my eye. Snap,Snap, ok I did take 2 pictures and Bethany did say later that the Mr. did peek at me during this moment. So who is this Mr? Who is he texting or is he online? Is he working? So many questions and we can leave it up to our personal opinion to figure out what he is doing. So my point? BE READY for these moments and if you don't have a camera do your best to retain the brief moment in time. ~Beau


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