Hayward, WI — Duluth & Superior
Beau Petersen Photography & Video Production

Heather and Michael

Heather and Michael's wedding was on a beautiful summer day in August. we ventured to the Aria, a beautiful venue for their ceremony and reception! We walked into the building, and were greeted with white brick walls, and elegant hanging crystal chandeliers. The building was like a mystery, with its rooms you could see only from a distance, and the beautifully lit stone carvings hidden around every corner. The wedding ceremony began, and everyone was seated, as Heather and Michael sealed their marriage vows with a kiss! Everyone was ushered out of the room, so they could transform it for the dinner. In the outer room the guests enjoyed delicious appetizers and drinks. The doors were once again opened, and the room really was transformed! There were three bars for the dinner: a pasta bar, stir fry bar, and a steak bar. All of which were absolutely delicious smelling, the smells and ambiance of the building wafted around the room, making it so pleasing! The tables were elegantly draped in white tablecloths, beautiful summer blooms, and books centered in the middle, adding to the theme that I can almost described as a Gatsby antiquity! We were seated for dinner, and the grand march began, introducing our awesome wedding party! The meal was served, and the food was even better than the delicious smells, everyone was easily contented. After the dinner, we stole our bride and groom away for some pictures on the streets of the city, and once again inside the Aria for some beautiful pictures of them hidden away in one of the secrets rooms, shielded only by the twinkling string lights. This night was so beautiful, and we are so happy we were able to spend it with you! ~ Natalee

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